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Dark Guardians
Dark Guardians
Download Game Android Dark Guardians APK  v1.0 -Dark Guardians adalah perpaduan antara runner dengan sedikit rhythm game. Karakter kamu otomatis berlari sedangkan kamu bertugas untuk menjaga sang karakter utama kita agar selamat selama yang kamu bisa. Grafis yang ditawarkan game ini terbilang cukup baik.

 Melawan monster kegelapan dan melakukan perjalanan melintasi lanskap fantastis dan mistis. Owing more to rhythm games than the Endless Runner genre, Dark Guardians is certainly quite beautiful to look at and delightful to listen to. It’s just unfortunate that its game mechanics are a little too simple, feeling as if they could have done with some much needed polish.

Players fight monsters of darkness by hitting the right button at the right time. Movement is done automatically, with players in charge of taking out the foes up ahead. Unlike so many others within the genre, there’s no need to swipe or complete other potentially gimmicky gestures; this is down to timing and the correct color or element of the enemy. Four buttons and types of attack are available to the player, each corresponding to a different element. Players hit the button just as the enemy runs under their blade and the foe is defeated. It’s as simple as that, albeit with extra points gained for performing ‘perfect’ hits.

That simplicity works well for Dark Guardians initially, but the problem is it struggles to evolve any further. There’s a basic upgrade system adding to the player’s hit points, ability to hit further afield, and where they start out during a new session. That’s it though, and it doesn’t actually take that long to master such abilities. There’s a special power-up attack too, but it’s pretty hands-off and far from spectacular.

Without any Game Center support or challenges to motivate one to keep on playing, Dark Guardians is a pleasant if shallow experience. One that will be enjoyed for a time but ultimately overlooked in favor of titles that do offer a trickle feed of achievements in some way. Style over substance indeed.

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Dark Guardians APK

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