Dowload Game Flappy Bird 1.3 APK

 Flappy Bird
 Flappy Bird
Dowload Game Flappy Bird 1.3 APK-Flappy Bird has leads the top free iPhone app this week at No. 1, according to data from App Data. And today  I would like to share apk file which you can install on your Android phone. This game is very addictive and good for killing time. It would be cool if you add a hard mode and make the bird faster or something like that to get highest score. But all around great game already! Play and flap your wings to fly

Flappy Bird

Game is very simple, pretty small is size [Less than 1 MB] and addictive at the same time. Aim of game is to keep the bird in the air for as long as you can but just won’t as it is really hard to go through those tight pipes. It resembles the theme with classic 90′s game Super Mario Bros. If you are not able to download Flappy bird apk from Google play, then download from the direct apk link given at the end.


1. Tap untuk terbangkan burung
2. hindari pipa
3. dapatkan medalinya

Flappy Bird apk


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