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 Toy Defense 3
 Toy Defense 3

Game Android Toy Defense 3: Fantasy APK v1.2-Toy Defense 3: Fantasy adalah sekuel terbaru dari Toy Defense 1 dan Toy Defense 2. Seperti judulnya, Toy Defense 3: Fantasy akan membawa Anda kembali pada petualangan fantasi seru di abad ke-10. Di dalam permainan Toy Defense 3: Fantasy Anda bertugas mempertahankan benteng di abad pertengahan dari serangan bergelombang makhluk jahat yang bertelur di daerah perbatasan Anda. Masuk ke dalam peran sebagai komandan abad ke-10 untuk menandingi Richard the Lion Heart. Rekrut dan latih prajurit, penyihir, pemanah, dan tabib Kerajaan Gamers untuk menciptakan angkatan perang yang kuat untuk menghancurkan kekuatan musuh! Lindungi kastil dan tunjukkan keberanian Gamers untuk mengusir monster-monster yang keluar dari wilayah Gamers!

More than 15 million fans all over the world are playing the Toy Defense franchise! Be the first to discover the latest entry in the series, Toy Defense 3: Fantasy! Wage war against hideous goblins and terrifying dragons! The most epic magical battle of all time is waiting for YOU!

Step into the role of a 10th-century commander and become the equal of Richard the Lionheart! Recruit and train your kingdom's warriors, wizards, archers, and healers to create a powerful army and destroy the enemy’s forces! Defend your castle and show your courage to drive these vile monsters from your lands!


Absolutely unique levels with non-recurring gameplay!
Immerse yourself in a medievel fantasy atmosphere
Incredible graphics with an amazingly detailed medieval environment
Invite your friends to join you in a magical world!
Cooperate or compete with your friends' courageous knights
Over nine types of enemies, from trolls and goblins to dragons and mercenaries
Battle evil generals at the end of every wave!
Develop your own unique strategy with six specialized tower power-ups
Upgrade your warriors from peasants to knights and give your foes no quarter!
Collect all the achievements, test your mettle on the battlefield, and enjoy a lengthy campaign!
Four useful gameplay bonuses: meteorite, recovery, regeneration, and freeze
Use the tactics of the greatest kings to win battles!

  1. Install Apk
  2. Copy ‘com.melesta.toydefense3′ Folder to sdcard/Android/obb
  3. Launch the game

Toy Defense 3: Fantasy APK v1.2

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