Download Smash Cops Heat v1.10.05 APK [MOD]

Smash Cops Heat

Download Smash Cops Heat v1.10.05 APK [MOD]-Smash Cops Heat is a car action game in which you're an important cop driving a car and trying to arrest hundreds of enemies that have run away.

Smash Cops Heat 

First of all, you will follow the tutorial, which will explain the basics of the game: how to move forward, how to turn and how to attack other cars. Basically, you need to press your finger on the screen and slide it left or right whenever you want to make a turn. As you advance through the tutorial, you will learn new tactics as protecting yourself and destroying the enemies.

The graphics in Smash Cops Heat try to be realistic and are perfectly appropriate to the kind of game it is. Although the controls are hard to master at first, you'll realize afterwards that there's nothing better.

Smash Cops Heat was developed by Hutch Games and it's a wonderful action game for adults. The app makes you feel like you're in a cops movie or tv show and immerses yourself into the adventure.

Try it out and take part in the action.

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Download Smash Cops Heat

Download Smash Cops Heat v1.10.05 APK mod


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