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Elder Towers

Elder Towers v1.01 APK

Download Elder Towers v1.01 APK-Elder Towers offers the strategical complexity of a deck-building collectible card game, and translates the deep game mechanism into intuitive fast-paced gameplay with exciting visuals. The focus of the game is about building a good deck of spells and choosing a good team of summons beforehand, and using the right tools at the right moment.

You play as a powerful mage who can turn the tide of battle with just one or two spells. You can do far more than just spamming fireballs and blizzards on your enemies. You can call forth a tornado to remove enemy creatures from the battlefield. You can conjure a dense mist to blind all creatures. You can feast on the soul of your opponent's summons to refill your mana. You can turn your summons into undying frenzied berserkers, or transform them into giants with massive strength. You can cut up your enemies with storm of blades, impale them with wall of spears.

Your opponents would not just be waves of mindless mobs. You will have wizard fights with powerful spellcasters, erecting magical shields and walls, countering spells, reflecting magic missiles, and so on.

To allow you to focus on the magical warfare, you will not be fettered with micromanagement of your summons. They will all act on their own: defender units will automatically engage enemies who get close to your base, bodyguard units will follow and protect you, attacker units will invade enemy base and attack any enemies on their path. Most creatures possess some unique powers, and may produce interesting combos with the spells.


* TCG game mechanisms realized in real-time 3D environment
* Third person view RTS
* Free-roaming single-player RPG campaign
* Multiplayer duel
* 160 mind-boggling spells 
* 104 summoned units, fully animated 3D characters
* 3 character classes with powerful special feats 
* Fast-paced gameplay designed for 5~10 minute matches

Download Elder Towers v1.01 APK Full

Download Elder Towers v1.01 APK Full


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